COVID-19 Booking Powerboat courses.

RYA Powerboat courses are usually taught on a 3:1 basis that means 3 customers and one Instructor.

Currently we are only allowed to teach a ‘Family Bubble’ or on a ‘One to One’ basis we have to manage what the group make up of 3 is.

We can teach a Family Bubble of up to 3 people or alternatively teach you on a one to one basis.  Unfortunately the current guidance means that we cannot mix Non Family Bubbles.

We will however need to make the course viable to run and are happy to do so.

To make the course viable we are pricing the course at £600.00 which covers the boats, fuel, Instructor, RYA Books, certification and qualification to obtain the ICC certificate,

So, it might be best to get your family bubble to sign up for the course and fill the 3 places, or if you only want 2 places or One to One tuition then you will get more time driving the boats and more individual attention from the Instructor – however the price remains the same – £600.00 Whilst the current situation remains.

COVID-19 RYA Guidelines for Powerboat courses

Using the guidance available from the RYA we will be commencing course delivery from the 18th July 2020.

There are restrictions on course delivery depending on which course it is.

Currently we are able to deliver RYA Powerboat, RYA First Aid and RYA SRC VHF Radio courses as well as Day skipper and our best selling Yachtmaster shorebased courses- however only to “Family Bubbles” or “One to One”

Mixed group delivery ie two people who do not know each other or not in a ‘Family Bubble’ in a classroom setting with an Instructor is currently inappropriate. This situation is likely to change in the very near future and we expect to open up to bigger groups very soon now.

So if you would like ‘Family Bubble’ or ‘One to One’ training then please contact us and we will discuss how we can help.

We will be providing Hand Sanitiser, Wipes, and Face Masks for customers and staff to use.  Should customers wish to provide their own protection please discuss with your Instructor on the day how it can be looked after.   There are sanitiser pumps with wipes on each desk in the classrooms and on the Powerboats. Our Standard operating procedures have been adapted to ensure that sanitizing boats, desks and kit are maintained. Tea and coffee will be provided in individual sachets, you are welcome to bring along your own cups/mugs

Customers are requested to meet the Government guidelines regarding Social Distancing, regular hand washing, and being aware of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 ie raised temperature, loss of  taste and smell senses.

We are confident that all possible precautions have been taken to protect our students and staff from the current pestilence and hope you will enjoy the learning experience.
Unfortunately, there is a cost implication in offering 1:1tuition on any of our courses, to keep within the government guidelines. Please call to discuss your individual requirements.