This course provides training in the correct usage of Marine VHF trancievers. It is the recognised course which licences skippers and crew to operate the equipment in the correct manner and how to call for help in emergencies.

You will learn about the GMDSS system, how to instigate Mayday calls, Urgency and Safety broadcasts, you will also learn the limited frequencies available.

There is a short written test and an assessment at the end of the course. You will use the very latest Standard Horizon training radios which are proper radios but have been adapted for training purposes, we also use the latest Light Master training simulators.

Unlike many other training centres, our fee includes all pre course information packs, the licence fee of £30.00 and the assessment fee.

The licence is issued by the RYA and will be sent directly to your home address.


Eastern Horizon Training 5

Eastern Horizon Training 4